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Welcome to “A Paw Spa” where you will discover a unique environment like no other pet care facility you have experienced before. We are very proud to welcome every pet and their owner to our clean and modern Spa and Boutique. More About Us

Rina Grooms Cats Too!

Rina has been grooming cats as long as she has been grooming dogs, almost 30 years. We do bath and brush, full body haircuts including the lion clip. If you have a cat that needs to be groomed, call us and lets get your kitty scheduled!
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Denver’s Best Pet Spa

Vote for Us: A Paw Spa in Littleton CO on Denver’s 7 ‘s A-List

‘VOTED 2008′ Best Grooming in Denver 2009 Results: 2nd place in the grooming category, and still the #1 salon! Thanks to all who voted! We hope to be back on top in 2010!
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How to Find Us

5950 S. Platte Canyon Rd #D-1
Littleton, Colorado 80123
Phone: 303-798-7297
Email: apawspa@apawspalittleton.com

Pet of the Day Contest

Every pet in our shop for a grooming or daycare appointment is eligible to be chosen as our pet of the day. You must “like” the picture, HERE , on Facebook and you can ask friends to visit our page to “like” your pets picture. The pet with the most “likes” on our page at the end of the month will win a FREE GROOMING.


Don’t forget to check in on Facebook when you drop of your dog for grooming and recieve a FREE teeth brushing or FREE gourmet dog cookie.

Animal Communicator “A Voice for Your Pet”

We all wish… that we could hear, understand and converse with our animal companions. In many ways we really do, as we all make comments such as I had a feeling, or I had a dream/vision and it happened, or I knew my pet was trying to tell me something. Assisting animals communicate with their people is natural for Lisa. She has helped many people over the years to discover more about their pet’s thoughts, feelings, physical needs, pain issues and about crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lisa has even helped with Rina’s dogs! First with a show dog with anxieties and her next weekend at the shows after having a conversation with Lisa, she won BOTh days! Then Rina had 3 of her house pets possibly have access to mouse poison. Rina called Lisa and she was able to let her know that 2 of the 3 pets did in fact consume the poison. Those 2 pets were rushed to the ER and the vet confirmed what Lisa had already told Rina, that the baby had consumed a small amount and the older male had consumed the bulk of the poison! What a gift she possesses and that she shares it with us!

Lisa communicates with dogs and cat, and you can make an appointment for her to come to “talk” to your horse by contacting her directly lisadelong77@gmail.com or leave a message @ 303-249-7559

Please call Rina 303-798-7297 or email for more information.

Tired of so called ‘Super Stores’?

Never know who you are going to talk to or if they are experienced? Then try us!! We, at A Paw Spa, know your pet is a member of the family!

Our store is cute, clean and welcoming and you will never be just another face in the store. Let us welcome you back to a hometown grooming salon where you will enjoy being treated like a friend and your pet will enjoy being treated like one of our own.

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  • Club members pick the day, the time, and number of weeks between visits
  • Club members always have a guaranteed appointment spot

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Get your pet healthy, Keep your pet healthy with NuVet Plus

Testimonial from a long time client:

“Thanks for the vitamin recommendation – she is at least 5 years younger. I am not kidding you- when we go out for a walk we have to practically run to keep up with her. Sincerely, Janet Bates”

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How To Order:

Call 800-474-7044 ID Code: 88947

Go To http://www.nuvet.com/88947

Upcoming Events

September 12th – Well Animal Institute’s Anesthesia-Free Dental Clinic
Low-cost and low-stress for your pet, cleanings take only about 45 minutes and are necessary for your pets good health. Schedule an appointment today!

September 26th – Lisa DeLong, the Animal Communicator
Make a date to chat with your pet! Plenty of employees and customers have used Lisa to find answers. If you often find yourself wondering what your pet is thinking, this is the event for you!

Both of these events require a reservation. For more information or to book your space, call the shop today!

Why Choose Us…

  1. Our facility is clean and modern!
  2. Grooming is in the open for all to see!
  3. Our retail selection is unmatched!
  4. Self Service facilities are open 9 hours a day!
  5. We have a covered outdoor play area!
  6. We are sensitive to the enviroment at A Paw Spa
  7. We use all natural and biodegradable products
  8. We use water conserving bathing systems
  9. We use NO harsh chemicals of any kind
  10. We use NO tranqualizers of any kind
  11. We use NO heat dryers for your pets safety and comfort
  12. Our staff participates in continuing education seminars
  13. We HIGHLY recommend ALL pets be currently vaccinated
  14. We strive for the best customer service in the industry
  15. We love our clients and their pets
  16. We welcome suggestions to help us provide the services you desire for your pet

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