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Welcome to “A Paw Spa” where you will discover a unique environment like no other pet care facility you have experienced before. We are very proud to welcome every pet and their owner to our clean and modern Spa and Boutique. More About Us

We Grooms Cats Too!

Rina has been grooming cats as long as she has been grooming dogs, almost 30 years. We do bath and brush, full body haircuts including the lion clip. If you have a cat that needs to be groomed, call us and lets get your kitty scheduled!
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In Home Pet Sitting Services

Find out more about our pet sitting services.

Denver’s Best Pet Spa

Vote for Us: A Paw Spa in Littleton CO on Denver’s 7 ‘s A-List

‘VOTED 2008’ Best Grooming in Denver 2009 Results: 2nd place in the grooming category, and still the #1 salon! Thanks to all who voted! We hope to be back on top in 2010!
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How to Find Us

5950 S. Platte Canyon Rd #D-1
Littleton, Colorado 80123
Phone: 303-798-7297
Email: APawSpa@aol.com


Don’t forget to check in on Facebook when you drop of your dog for grooming and recieve a FREE teeth brushing or FREE gourmet dog cookie.

Join our Pampered Paws Club for exclusive discounts and guaranteed appointments

    1. FREE to sign up ~~ No coupons, punch cards, or loyalty cards
    2. Club members pick the day, the time, and number of weeks between visits
    3. Club members always have a guaranteed appointment spot
    4. We do all the work~~ the scheduling and we remind you
    5. Club members receive an e-mail 4 days prior to the appointment
    6. Club members also receive a reminder call the evening before the appointment
    7. Club members benefit by having a clean and beautifully groomed pet
    8. Club member pets benefits by looking, smelling and feeling better
    9. Matt fees are eliminated or reduced for club members
    10. Club members have healthier pets because ears are cleaned, nails are clipped , teeth are brushed and coats are kept matt free


Discounts are based on number of weeks between visits

1~2 week visits receive:
No matt fees, FREE teeth brushing, discounted grooming fees, and 1/2 price upgrades

3~4 week visits receive:
Reduced matt fees, FREE teeth brushing, and 1/2 price upgrades

5~6 week visits receive:
FREE teeth brushing

7~8 week visits are:
Recommended ONLY for short coated breeds

Tired of so called ‘Super Stores’?

Never know who you are going to talk to or if they are experienced? Then try us!! We, at A Paw Spa, know your pet is a member of the family!

Our store is cute, clean and welcoming and you will never be just another face in the store. Let us welcome you back to a hometown grooming salon where you will enjoy being treated like a friend and your pet will enjoy being treated like one of our own.

New Policies

  • No Call No Show Fee $20 per pet (please just call us by 8 am the day of your appointment to avoid this fee)
  • Late Drop Off Fee $10 if you are more than 30 minutes past your scheduled appointment time.
  • Late Pick Up Fee $15 for every 15 minutes past closing time.

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Get your pet healthy, Keep your pet healthy with NuVet Plus

Testimonial from a long time client:

“Thanks for the vitamin recommendation – she is at least 5 years younger. I am not kidding you- when we go out for a walk we have to practically run to keep up with her. Sincerely, Janet Bates”

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How To Order:

Call 800-474-7044 ID Code: 88947

Go To http://www.nuvet.com/88947

Why Choose Us…

  1. Our facility is clean and modern!
  2. Grooming is in the open for all to see!
  3. Our retail selection is unmatched!
  4. Self Service facilities are open 9 hours a day!
  5. We have a covered outdoor play area!
  6. We are sensitive to the enviroment at A Paw Spa
  7. We use all natural and biodegradable products
  8. We use water conserving bathing systems
  9. We use NO harsh chemicals of any kind
  10. We use NO tranqualizers of any kind
  11. We use NO heat dryers for your pets safety and comfort
  12. Our staff participates in continuing education seminars
  13. We HIGHLY recommend ALL pets be currently vaccinated
  14. We strive for the best customer service in the industry
  15. We love our clients and their pets
  16. We welcome suggestions to help us provide the services you desire for your pet

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