Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator “A Voice for Your Pet”

We all wish… that we could hear, understand and converse with our animal companions. In many ways we really do, as we all make comments such as I had a feeling, or I had a dream/vision and it happened, or I knew my pet was trying to tell me something. Assisting animals communicate with their people is natural for Lisa. She has helped many people over the years to discover more about their pet’s thoughts, feelings, physical needs, pain issues and about crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lisa has even helped with Rina’s dogs! First with a show dog with anxieties and her next weekend at the shows after having a conversation with Lisa, she won BOTh days! Then Rina had 3 of her house pets possibly have access to mouse poison. Rina called Lisa and she was able to let her know that 2 of the 3 pets did in fact consume the poison. Those 2 pets were rushed to the ER and the vet confirmed what Lisa had already told Rina, that the baby had consumed a small amount and the older male had consumed the bulk of the poison! What a gift she possesses and that she shares it with us!

Lisa communicates with dogs and cat, and you can make an appointment for her to come to “talk” to your horse by contacting her directly or leave a message @ 303-249-7559

Please call Rina 303-798-7297 or email for more information.