Toys and More


What dog doesn’t like a new toy? What a gift a new toy can be to your pet! We have a huge selection of plush toys, as well as interactive toys. We offer an entire wall of colorful, fun toys that will delight any pet. Talking toys, squacking toys, ratling toys, squeeking toys, rope toys, plush toys, fetching toys, light up toys, and yes, even silent toys!!! You need a pet toy? We are your one stop toy shop!


Currently we carry a variety of beds and kennel mats, in a nice selection of colors and patterns. We understand how important it is for your pet to be comfortable and warm, and that you need a nice selection. Our selection includes beds for the smallest to the largest, as well as beds for pets needing extra support, cooling beds for those warm summers, travel beds, and much more.

Lupine Collars and Leads

The Lupine Lifetime “Even If Chewed” Guarantee

Finally, a guarantee with teeth! We understand the joys and frustrations of pet ownership – and while we can’t replace the legs on your kitchen table or your best pair of shoes, we can do our part to help keep your best friend out of the doghouse. Should anything happen to damage your Lupine product – including chewing – you can tell us and we can contact Lupine to replace the product for you, or mail it back to: Lupine Returns  PO Box 1600  Conway, NH 03818. Include your return address & daytime phone number and they’ll send a replacement immediately.