NuVet Plus

Get your pet healthy, Keep your pet healthy with NuVet Plus

Testimonial from a long time client:
“Thanks for the vitamin recommendation – she is at least 5 years younger. I am not kidding you- when we go out for a walk we have to practically run to keep up with her.”
Sincerely, Janet Bates

More than 20,000 of the nations top breeders, groomers and veterinarians use this revolutionary natural product on their own dogs and cats.

Significantly reduce the risk or eliminate many problems that may strike your pet: Skin & Coat Problems, Scratching, Itching, Hot Spots, Allergies, Arthritis, Premature Aging, Low Energy Levels, Cataracts, Digestive Problems, Heart Disease, Tumors.  Nuvet is a natural, human grade daily supplement. So pure, it is one of the few pet products manufactured in an FDA (human grade) manufacturing facility. Dog and cat versions available. No sugars or fillers.

From Rina:
“I use these vitamins on my own pets and I have many clients who have experienced miraculous results for many ailments in their pets! I give them my personal seal of approval!!!”

Fight Tear Staining With NuVet
Nuvet offers a powder formula that is FANTASTIC for aiding in the removal of tear stains. Rina has personally experienced the difference and encourages clients who have this issue to get their pet on this product!

How To Order:

Call 800-474-7044  ID Code: 88947