Our Staff

Our trained professional staff will get to know you and your pet by name. We have staff members who have been with us 4+ years! The owner, Rina, has been a professional pet groomer since 1981!

We are a close family at A Paw Spa…. Rina and the staff often get together outside of work for fun extracurricular activities like ‘The Renaissance Festival’, Holiday Parties, BBQ’s, camping, grooming seminars and trade shows, dog shows and bike events…. some of our clients come along and join in on our fun from time to time too! The more the merrier, let us know if you are up for any of our activities!!!

Amy is a very sweet and always pleasant gal who has won the hearts of many of our clients. She is very patient with helping clients decide what type of grooming style that is best for their pet and that patience also carries over to her care with the animals. In addition Amy has mastered the handling of cats and is a huge asset in every aspect of this business.

I have known Dana  for 9 years and we have worked together before. I invited her to come and work for me when I first opened A Paw Spa. She was with me for a few years before some medical reasons made it impossible for her to continue, but in 2011 we were blessed to get her back on the team. Dana currently handles a bit of everything in the store, bathing, drying, doing grooming prep and receptionist duties.

Lori has been with us now for over a year and works part time, as she is going to school to further her education in the medical field. Lori is a very loyal and dedicated staff member with a very laid back and patient nature. She handles all the record keeping of clients and their pets, as well as maintaining our “Pampered Paws” program reminders and scheduling.

Katie is our newest team member who has worked in the pet care industry in her past. She is very bubbly and friendly, but I worry about her, as she wants to take all the pets home with her everyday!!!

Continued Education

Rina attends grooming conventions all over the United States, including New York City, Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Seattle, Kansas City, Hershey Pa., Dallas and Chicago. Rina was a sales rep for a major pet product company, Bio-Groom, for five years. She spends her time educating groomers about the importance of using quality products on their clients pets, as well as ways to generate more revenue for their salons with the latest products and services.