My Cockers

The Beginning of M-N-M Cockers

by Rina

Drover and HandlerI began in cockers like most, an outcast that started out with pets. I tried showing them in vain when a few reputable breeders gave me some pointers. Rene Tanner was a great breeder who was the first to tell me the “truth” about my dogs. She helped me get something better and that became my foundation bitch. I stumbled across the kindest breeder, Laural Summer of Lorihill Cockers, and I asked her to sell me a dog out of Ch. Artistry’s Soot and Cinders bred to her Dreamridge bitch. I was only 18 years old and she was advised not to sell me a dog, but I was determined and fortunately Laurel saw a great desire in me to own and finish this dog. I put a deposit on him and began helping her in her kennel to work off some of my debt. I soon became ill, and was hospitalized and Laurel didn’t keep the dog and forfeit my deposit, NO, instead she sent a clown to my hospital room, all dressed in black and white, with a bouquet of black and white balloons, and the card read…. ” Don’t worry about me, I will be waiting for you to get better, and the debt you owe for me has been paid.” I will NEVER forget that kindness, and hope to be able to pay it forward for some other young person trying to get into cockers someday. That dog, Lorihill Lifesaver became my first champion, handled exclusively by Rune and Robin Nielson of Three Crown’s Cockers.

DroverIf you liked that story, I have another….. I had a puppy I toted to a fun match and I happened to set up near a tall dark haired man with cockers. I was still a novice, so although I admired his dogs, I was a bit afraid to approach him. Later in the day, I could over hear a conversation he was having with a prospective buyer of a beautiful chocolate dog. The lady was being difficult and I heard him say to her,” If you don’t buy this dog today, I am going to give him to….” He began looking around, I had my puppy on the table brushing him at the time, and he pointed to me and finished,” to her!” The dog went home with me that very day and he became my second champion and the FIRST chocolate multiple best in sweepstakes winner in cocker history, Ch. Touches Vini Vidi Vici. The tall dark haired man who gifted me this dog was, Dale Martenson of Touche Cockers.

I had a good friend during my early days who had the same desires to breed good dogs, her name was Brenda Albrecht. She and I talked long hours at night, whelped litters together and just loved our hobby together. It was a friendship I will always remember fondly and I am very fortunate that after 25 years, I googled my friend and found her! She had changed breeds on me, Australian Shepherds ( what is she thinking), but nevertheless, wonderful to know what she’s up to.


I bred and owned a few Champions along my brief journey in the 80’s…

  1. Ch Lorihill Lifesaver (b/w)
  2. Ch Touches Vini Vidi Vici (chocolate)
  3. Ch Brenlee’s Formal Attire (b/w) (Sired By my champion, owned by Brenda Albrecht)
  4. M-N-M’s Shake Your Bootie (pointed)
  5. Ch. Tanjerene’s Hey Hey Chelsea

I owe a great deal of thanks to Rene Tanner, Laurel Summer, Rune and Robin Nielson, Dale Martenson and my good friend and co-breeder Brenda Albrecht.