A Superior Grooming Experience

You can feel confident leaving your pet for full service grooming at A Paw Spa. Rina, the Spa owner and groomer has been grooming professionally for over 29 years! She also participates in grooming conventions all over the U.S., learning all about new and innovative techniques, the latest in equipment and services to offer. Her commitment to customer satisfaction is exhibited by making sure she knows exactly what you want your pet to look like when the grooming is complete, and being very honest with you about what can be done, what should be done, and what will be done!!

Safety is #1

Your pet is safe with us, no pet is ever placed in a “cage dryer” and we do not use heat dryers of any kind. Your pet is never in any danger of overheating here at A Paw Spa. Click the link to view a story about dangerous drying procedures at some pet grooming salons.

Dog’s death highlights grooming hazard – TODAY: Pets –

Drop Off and Pick Up

Your pet will always have a scheduled drop off time. If you should need to drop off your pet earlier, just ask and if we have room, we are happy to have you drop off at your convenience.

We will always call you when your pet is ready to go home. We are not like some salons that insist you come immediately. If it is more convenient for you to come later to pick up, we are here until 6:00 pm, let us know that you need to come later.

About Our Products

Only top of the line products are used on your pet at A Paw Spa, starting with our main shampoo line by Bio-Groom. They have been producing superior products for the pet and show dog world for 35 years, and we are proud to offer their line of shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaners and much more. Our confidence in these products can not be emphasized enough, as I have been using them on my own show and pet animals for over 29 years! Please discuss your pets particular skin and coat needs with our experienced staff and we will recommend the best shampoo and conditioning treatment for your pet.

About Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is a special talent and requires not just one groomer, but also an assistant who can help keep the cat under control, as well as keeping kitty still and groomer safe. We do not sedate, however, we do use a cat mask/muzzle. The mask covers the eyes of the cat, as cats are calmed by the fact that he cannot see what’s going on.

Professional Dog and Cat Grooming

Our kenneling room is designed with the pets maximum comfort and safety in mind. We invested in Edemco powder coated stainless steel kennels because they are easy to keep clean and disinfected, they provide pets amble room to stand up and move around and are very asteticly pleasing. The room is small because we want to contain the warmth, so pets stay comfortable when wet. No heat dryers of any kind are used. All dryers visable are blowers only and stay warm just from the warmth the motor creates, rather than a heating element.