Pampered Paws Club

‘The finest in luxury services for your most precious furs’

  1. FREE to sign up ~~ No coupons, punch cards, or loyalty cards
  2. Club members pick the day, the time, and number of weeks between visits
  3. Club members always have a guaranteed appointment spot
  4. We do all the work~~ the scheduling  and we remind you
  5. Club members receive an e-mail 4 days prior to the appointment
  6. Club members also receive a reminder call the evening before the appointment
  7. Club members benefit by having a clean and beautifully groomed pet
  8. Club member pets benefits by looking, smelling and feeling better
  9. Matt fees are eliminated or reduced for club members
  10. Club members have healthier pets because ears are cleaned, nails are clipped , teeth are brushed and coats are kept matt free

Discounts are based on number of weeks between visits

1~2 week visits receive:
No matt fees, FREE teeth brushing, discounted grooming fees, and 1/2 price upgrades

3~4 week visits receive:
Reduced matt fees, FREE teeth brushing, and 1/2 price upgrades

5~6 week visits receive:
FREE teeth brushing

7~8 week visits are:
Recommended ONLY for short coated breeds